Experiment with ease, scale with confidence.
Our comprehensive development platform uses virtualization at its core to eliminate the need for specialized expertise and avoids the high risk of infrastructure obsolescence.
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Why Mantle?
Mantle BaaS provides the fastest, safest way to operate in full transparency, compliance, and security across digital and commercial exchanges.
Plug-and-play APIs eliminate the Blockchain expertise gap
Intuitive interfaces allow for easy activity monitoring and non-developer use
No burden of managing tokens and cryptocurrencies
Future-proof environment, best-of-breed infrastructures and lock-in protection
Leverage centralized governance within a decentralized network
Encrypted, private and confidential
Expand on demand. Scale horizontally on public and private blockchains
Transparent, scalable pricing that you control
The Enterprise Gateway to Blockchain
Accessible by Humans & Machines
Use what works best for you. Each Mantle Technology product comes with an intuitive visual interface and is also accessible programmatically with a well-documented RESTful API (OAS 3.0)
Suite of SaaS-Based Products
Designed for technology professionals, our suite of products streamline blockchain development cycles and bolster solution architectures with critical new capabilities.
Built on your Virtual Blockchain
Integrate best-of-breed blockchain infrastructures with cloud technologies. Enjoy an unprecedented level of security, privacy, and interoperability without the usual complexities and costs. Seamlessly scale to accommodate your growing quantity of sensitive, critical data.
Mantle Innovations
Decouples application logic from blockchain infrastructures.
  • Enables infrastructure-agnostic architecture
  • Provides unparalleled security and usability
  • Eliminates the need for system administration and resource provisioning
  • Distributes data on multiple infrastructures
Smart hashes are powerful zero-knowledge proof tools.
  • Enables authentic, timestamped digital document identification
  • Allows for the detection of discrepancies without content comparison
  • Provides unparalleled performance gains
  • Offers fine-grain detection controls
  • Supports multiple file types
Asset Factory
An efficient protocol for custom asset management.
  • Offers massive efficiency gains when storing properties;
  • Enables data storage on any blockchain infrastructure;
  • Produces traceable entries and simplifies querying
  • Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of custom assets on any network
  • Cost-effective alternative to native custom asset creators (XRP, Waves, etc.)
Composite Assets
Enhanced protocol to establish asset properties for complex business constructs
  • Allows for advanced enterprise blockchain use cases
  • Complete traceability across arrays of interrelated assets
  • Lighting-fast query system avoids extensive blockchain read
  • Preserves system integrity without relying on exploitable code
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