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Integrate the value of blockchain into enterprise applications in days. Mantle lets you innovate and scale seamlessly and securely.
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Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service
Plug-and-Play Capabilities
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Enjoy the benefits of blockchain without the typical costs and complexities. Mantle closes the blockchain expertise gap so you can implement with ease and scale with confidence.
Comprehensive Development Platform
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Seamlessly streamline solutions to the most demanding blockchain development challenges. So whether you need asset traceability, file integrity, secured storage, or other blockchain capabilities, we can help.
Future-Proof Architecture
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Eliminate obsolescence. Mantle decouples your application logic from blockchain infrastructure, allowing for best-of-breed adaptability. Reduce the risks and increase the rewards of enterprise blockchain investment.
A sample of what’s possible with Mantle
Build transparency into your marketplace (1/5)
Get a clear perspective on your financial marketplace with financial assets that are created, rated, and exchanged with immutable traceability.   Context The ability for non-prime lenders to obtain financing is a continuous challenge, high risk equal unfair rates due to a limited pool institutional lenders. The use of structured assets in an open market can lower lenders cost of capital and offer very competitive rates. The financial innovation of structure asset comes with the baggage of the 2008 financial crisis. The need for transparency and integrity is paramount. MANTLE blockchain technology plays a crucial role in supporting financial marketplace where financial assets (loans, derivatives, structured assets, ...) are crafted, rated, exchanged and payed with immutable traceability.
Prevent disruption caused by data tampering
Leverage cryptography and blockchain to certify and authenticate files such as logs, source code, backups and analysis files.
Enable Instant Background Checks
Offer instant background verification, without exposing your data to cybersecurity risk.  
Electronic signature with confidence
Leverage cryptography and blockchain to certify and authenticate the act, signature, and content of any contract, allowing you to always sign with confidence.   Context Billions of contracts are signed digitally every year by leading e-signature providers such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Yet, a large proportion of individuals feel uncomfortable e-signing and demand paper signatures. In many jurisdictions, including Canada, e-signatures are not enforceable for key contracts such as wills, real estate transactions, and promissory notes. Why? Forgery and persistence are unsolved issues. MANTLE revolutionizes e-signature by leveraging cryptography and blockchain to crystallize and authenticate the act, the signature, and the content of the contract, allowing you to sign with confidence.
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Create, exchange & track digital or financial assets
Used to:
  • Build marketplace & loyalty programs
  • Streamline supply chains
  • Secure transactional databases
  • Enable fiduciary audit trails
Certify digital authenticity
Used to:
  • Protect critical databases
  • Certify backups
  • Sign firmware
  • Certify credentials
Immutable and always available e-signatures
Used for:
  • Real estate transactions
  • Promissory notes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial contracts
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